Unusual scenery

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The Lakes Region

1. The 'Cairns' circuit in La Chaux du Dombief: Pastoral life and geology in the French Jura over paths with hundreds of 'cairns' leading you to a 360° viewpoint of the area, the Monts du Jura, Grandvaux Plateau, and the Mont-Blanc for an unforgettable experience: 4 km trail, elevation + 100 m. Starting point at La Chaux du Dombief signposted car park which is fact the starting point for cross-country skiing in the winter season.

2. La Frasnée : registered as an outstanding site in the Jura Department, this village at the end of the world in a steep-head valley is unique and very pretty. The Drouvenant river bridge takes you to the Chapel, the Washhouse, fountain, small waterfall, and the end-point of the valley.

3. Belvédère de la Ronde: A lovely viewpoint over Lac de Bonlieu, a glacier lake set deep in rock surroundings; access available by car: from Bonlieu follow the signs to 'Lac de Bonlieu', then the D75e1 'Route du Lac'.

4. Belvédère de la Vierge de Châtillon: A high viewpoint of the village of Châtillon set in a semi-circle around the rocks and the Ain River valley.

5. Belvédère Sous les Côtes: In Pont-de-Poitte, a viewpoint over the Lac de Vouglans, the 3rd largest artificial lake in France.

'Petite Montagne' Region:

1. Abbaye de Gigny: The Gigny Abbey is a marvel of architecture and history. This remarkable Romanesque architecture Abbey was founded around 890 AD by the monk Bernon, who later founded the Benedictine order with 12 monks who left from Baume-les-Messieurs, the largest middle-ages abbey in the western world at the time. Open to the public. For guided tours please contact ADAPEMONT on + 33 (0)3 84 85 47 91. Further information  on the Benedictine sites go to www.sitesclunisiens.org.

2. Belvédère de Monnetay: In the centre of the village of Monnetay, the 11th century Church is open to visitors. The famous belvedere has a magnificent view over the 'Haut-Jura' and is well-known to hikers and viewpoint enthusiasts.

3. Marsh de Viremont :The Lac de Viremont, Alt. 656 m, is an exceptional site despite the many drainage efforts undertaken. The marsh is on the Eastern side of the lake and hosts the largest display of Sword Lilies.

4. Pierre Enon: Near Arinthod, the Vogna rock 'circus' formation was channelled through limestone rock by glaciers that covered the region in the Riss Ice-age. When the glacier started melting it left a large rock, the Pierre Enon, a vestige of past eras. It is on the Eastern side a few metres from the rock face. It is possible that the rock fell from the rock face during the melt, and landed on the valley floor, remaining there. The rock is cube-shaped and about 8 m high and 6 m wide. The name could originate from the Celtic word 'Hénon' or from the Greek 'Henos', which means 'oldie' or 'old person'...

5. Belvédère Andelot Morval: Overlooked by a private castle, this village offers picturesque charm and a magnificent viewpoint.

6. Château de Cornod: A unique residence in the French Jura and surroundings. This renovated estate, over 7,500 m², has no less than 70 rooms, 44 fireplaces, and 18 bathrooms. Unfortunately it is not open to the public.

7. Église de Montfleur: Romanesque architecture for this majestic church with its pillars and an outstanding arch and entrance.